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Craft Instructor

  • Full Time
  • Columbia, MD
  • Applications have closed

Under the direction of Power52 Energy Institute, the Craft Instructor will work to support the technical and educational instruction associated with Trainees entering into the renewable energy career field, specifically photovoltaic systems and solar energy applications. The Craft Instructor will lead training Cohorts, each lasting 16-weeks and serving a group of approx. 20 adult trainees. The Craft Instructor’s main responsibility will be adapting and facilitating Power52’s PV Professional accredited curriculum supported by The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). Additionally, they will support the Trainee’s academic development and the ultimate goal of acquiring solar industry recognized North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners Associate Credentials.

Instructor Role and Responsibilities: (Include, but are not limited to)

  • Maintain accurate record keeping, as it applies to student attendance, student files, and grades,
  • Provide Trainees with monthly performance reports which provide an overview of their attendance, grades, activities, and discipline issues, as necessary.
  • Create and maintain a safe training environment at all times.
  • Manage and maintain all tools assigned to the classroom. Issue, inspect, repair, and teach proper handling of those tool
  • As a highly visible representative of the school, you will communicate, support, and enforce school policies and procedures at all times, advising Trainees accordingly.
  • Ensure an ethical and fair testing environment.
  • Maintain a working field knowledge through continuing education and demonstrate continuing professional development of your technical expertise, and as an instructor.
  • Assist members and provide instruction and activities in the areas of photovoltaic systems, design, operations, construction, safety, and best practices.
  • Designs and implements hands-on, lab-oriented solar technology, engineering, and construction-related activities.
  • Provides standards-based, structured project-based learning that interconnects career development and integral subject knowledge.
  • Creates and maintains an effective environment for learning.
  • Maintains meaningful positive rapport with trainees, staff, program partners, and stakeholders of Power52 Foundation, Power52 Energy Institute, and Power52 Energy Institute Howard County.
  • Encourages behavior that promotes character development and professional development.
  • Implement Power52’s rigorous lesson plans that are driven by technical and performance assessment.
  • Ensures that trainees display knowledge of content standards.
  • Uses technology to promote learning, creativity, and collaboration.
  • Implements and analyze computer-based tutorial lessons on the web or digital learning platforms associated with the industry standards and curriculum.
  • Develops activities which align with standards in the area of focus.
  • Exposes members to a wide variety of skills and knowledge in topics ranging from initial exposure to a deeper understanding. To include lab work, outside of the classrooms “hands-on training” and any practice of learning associated with providing technical capacity for a career in renewable energy.
  • Implements hands-on solar lab for both onsite and remote training.
  • Instructors should be available to help to students needing short term tutoring
  • In cases where it is identified that a student needs more extensive tutor attention, you will consult with the Lead Instructor/Director of Training.

Physical Environment:

  • The successful applicant may stand for long periods of time.
  • Please be aware that stooping, bending, twisting, and reaching may be required.
  • Training will be completed online, in classroom or outside environment.
  • You can expect moving mechanical parts/equipment; high, precarious places; fumes or airborne particles; hosting labs with all outside weather conditions: wet, cold and/or humid.
  • You will sometimes be required to lift and/or carry up to 50 pounds


  • High School Diploma/Equivalent

  • Experience at a minimum journey or technician level in the solar industry OR a minimum of three years experience as a certified teacher in a vocational/technical construction or maintenance-related training program.

  • Osha Certified Trainer (Not required)

  • “PV Installation Professional” Certified (Preferred)

  • Comfort with different education techniques and openness to new developments in the field.

  • Strong communication and organizational skills.

  • Ability to adapt to a changing environment and to address the varying needs of members in our program.

  • Able to manage members individually and in groups.